Shellie Sanchez – Marriage & Family Therapist


The decision to seek help is not an easy one. Usually by the time a person considers professional help the issue has been a deeply held concern for some time.  Shellie understands most people prefer to solve problems on their own and seek help only as a last resort.  She offers compassion and understanding in helping clients open up and discuss your concern.  Consulting with a professional can bring about an unexpected and welcome sigh of relief as you receive support and realize you are not alone in solving your problem.

All of us feel stuck from time time to time.  When your best effort in solving your problems is simply not enough it’s time to consider reaching out for professional help.  There is no reason to struggle any longer when seeking help is as easy as a phone call, email or text message away.  Silicon Valley is draws some of the brightest and the best people on the planet.  As a result, it is a highly competitive and stressful environment to live and work in.  Many if not most people living and working in this environment experience daily pressure and anxiety.  Coping is not easy.  Coping strategies that have been employed in the past, may no longer be effective.   Even the highest functioning people are capable of reaching a breaking point.  Don’t wait that long, and don’t go it alone.  Help and support is within your reach, and within a short time, you will experience relief.  Sessions are completely private and you may use your insurance or pay privately.

  My Background and Training Includes:

  • Couples Counseling-I am a big advocate of John Gottman and his book “The Seven Principals of a Successful Marriage,”
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • DBT Skills Training
  • Consultation/Brief Therapy
  • Health/Wellness Education
  • Existential Psychotherapy
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Management
  • Buddhist thinking and long-time meditation practitioner

Employee Assistance

I am an Employee Assistance Professional which may be your entry point into a visit with me.  Your benefit package through your employer typically authorizes several visits per year free of charge as part of your wellness program.


I practice short solution focused therapy and long-term psychotherapy.  Short term solution focused therapy ranges from one to three sessions and as stated it is focused on a “solution” that involves making behavioral changes and the use of tools to bring about those changes.  Longer term counseling is anything beyond four or five sessions where the deeper core issues and concerns reside.  This is where deeper discussion and a better understanding of yourself brings about meaningful and longlasting life change.


 Individual Concerns

  • Anxiety
  • Anger Management
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-exploring the direct relationship between how you think causes your mood anxiety
  • Depression, low energy
  • Life stress
  • Career and Work/Life Balance Concerns
  • Burnout/Rust out
  • Addictions, Compulsions, poor coping and bad habits
  • Grief & Loss
  • Health Issues
  • Couple, Family and Relationship Concerns

    • Betrayal and Loss of trust
    • Conflict Management and Improving Communication
    • Strengthening Connection
    • Healing from Painful Relationships
    • Other Areas of Focus and Expertise:
  • Sexual Conerns
  • Transgender Issues

How Sessions Work:

On our first meeting you will lay out your primary concerns and define first steps you can take.  From there a more developed plan can be developed to bring about the internal or external changes you seek to feel better about your situation.